Cranston City Council votes “no confidence” in Mayor Fung

By Ana Bottary

A 5–4 vote made by the Cranston City Council Monday shows some members have "no confidence" in Mayor Allan Fung as leader of their city, following the scathing report on his handling of the police department issued by State Police.
"I’m happy with the vote. I think the council spoke loud and clear, there were some disagreements, but a majority of the city council agreed with the resolution to vote no confidence in the Mayor," says Cranston City Council President, John Lanni.
Not all felt the same way as the council president.
"Any of my constituents contact me, regardless the issue, I stand by the administration that is led by Mayor Fung and he’s got a fix or an answer right away. So do I have confidence in Mayor Fung to lead the city? I do have confidence,"says Cranston City Councilor, Christopher Paplauskas.
Mayor Fung was not there, but his Chief of Staff, Carlos Lopez Estrada was. We asked him if this vote was an embarrassment to the mayor.
"I think the only thing to be embarrassed about is that the council is wasting the cities taxpayers time and resources on a resolution that’s meaningless. It has no effect on anything its purely political,"Says Estrada.
Reaction from the public on the no confidence vote was mixed.

"He is out there with everyone, he says what he needs, he shows up. He is part of the city," says one Cranston Resident.

"Read the 182 pages. It’s time to go," says another resident.

Going forward, Council President Lanni says he’s not sure what direction the council is going, but he says they have to look at all of their options.

"If I was in his shoes, I would resign,"adds Lanni.

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