Cranston Councilors want outside investigation of police tickets

by ABC6 News Reporter Mark Curtis

Cranston Police may be about to find themselves under
investigation by the Rhode Island State Police.

At issue, the apparent flood of parking tickets in the wards
of two city council members who voted “no” on a proposed police union

“Councilman Archetto and I think that the State Police
are in a much better position to do an impartial investigation of this
ticketing scandal,” said Cranston City Councilor Steve Stycos.

People in the two council wards received 128 tickets on the
night of the vote; only a hand full were written in the rest of the city.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said “Cranston's Police Chief
is conducting an internal investigation into the ticketing scandal and the
Mayor has hired an outside investigator to review those findings. But critics
say, that is still not enough.”

Luca Cintolo was ticked and said, “I was breaking the
law, but targeting is not right.”

Cintolo is one of the people who found a parking ticket on
his car the morning after the police contract vote.

He supports an outside investigation of Cranston Police.

“People policing themselves is not the best way to get
to the bottom of something. I mean it seems pretty clear. I don't know why the
investigation should take too long,” Cintolo said.

Cintolo's ticket was dismissed on Wednesday, but critics say
the tidal wave of tickets was un-American.

“I think it was an effort to intimidate Councilman
Archetto and I, because we voted against the police contract. And that's a real
slap at democratic government,” Cintolo said.

We are told Mayor Allan Fung was unavailable to discuss the
call for a State Police investigation, of Cranston