Cranston pet owner claims groomer hurt her dog

By Abbey Niezgoda

A pet owner is outraged after she says her dog went to a groomer in Cranston and came home with a burn mark.

Four-year-old Lulu is a cairn terrier, and Lori Manni-DeRobbio's pride and joy. But DeRobbio noticed something was wrong with her dog after she took her to Aristic Dog and Cat Grooming.

“I wanted to scream,” DeRobbio said.

She discovered the patch of raw skin a day after the appointment, claiming that it was hidden under a bandana.

“When I lifted it, I saw the blood and this spot,” DeRobbio said. “It was repulsive.”

She says she went back to Artistic for answers, but the owner denied causing the injury, saying that the wound looked like a bite mark.

DeRobbio immediately went to the vet where the paperwork shows her dog was treated for burns. She believes they are from the groomer's blow dryer.

“This dog was under a dryer for so long. It burned her skin off,” DeRobbio said.

ABC6 went to Artistic Dog and Cat Grooming, but the woman at the front desk would only confirm that Lulu the dog has been to the salon. When asked if she was there when Lulu was supposedly burned, the woman said no.

The owner later released a statement saying only that it is unfortunate that the dog was hurt, but that it did not happen in their care.

The complaint comes after at least one dog allegedly died in Artistic's care, and just last year, another dog lost an eye during an appointment there. They paid for that dog's medical bills, but never accepted responsibility. 

DeRobbio says she just wants to make sure no other pet is treated the same way.

“For me this isn't just about Lulu,” she said. “This is about stopping them and anyone else like them.”