Cranston man has heart attack on bike, good samaritans save his life

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WLNE): A Cranston man is fighting for his life after having a heart attack while he was riding his bike. If it wasn’t for complete strangers, the 48-year-old would not have made it.

Twice a year, Jim Ladouceur and his two friends take a bike ride from Cranston to Galilee in Narragansett.

“I kissed my husband goodbye and I said bye to his friends,” Robyn Ladouceur said. “Then they rode away.”

Robyn Ladouceur got a terrifying call on Sunday afternoon.

“My husband had a massive heart attack while he was riding through North Kingstown on Post Road,” she said.

Ladouceur said she was shocked because her husband has not had any health problems and is relatively young. She quickly learned a couple of strangers acted fast and performed CPR until first responders got there.

“Two people jumped out of their car and blocked the traffic and started working on my husband,” Ladouceur said.

The paramedics told Ladouceur that if it was not for those strangers, her husband wouldn’t be alive.

“I can’t thank these people enough,” Ladouceur said while fighting back tears. “They are my heroes.”

Their son, Ethan Ladouceur took to the town’s Facebook group to try and find the good samaritans to give them a proper thank you.

“In my post, I said it was a long shot,” Ethan Ladouceur said.

Despite the long odds, he found them.

“I kept an eye on him and noticed he stopped breathing so did CPR,” Mindy Conway, the good samaritan said. “I had my husband run back to get my mouthguard for breathing.”

Conway is a registered nurse at Rhode Island Hospital so she knew exactly what to do along with the help of other strangers who stepped in.

“It’s emotional and I’m glad,” Conway said. “I work in a hospital and when something happens the patient goes to the ICU we don’t usually get to hear the outcome or communicate with the family.”

Ladouceur is turning 49-years-old tomorrow. While he is fighting for his life in the ICU, his family is hopeful he will make it through.

“I’m thankful for people who didn’t just drive by,” Ladouceur said. “It was the difference between life or death.”

Ladouceur said she hopes one day they all can meet in person although she says there will never be enough words to express her gratitude.

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