Cranston men arrested for string of larcenies

Alana Cerrone

Cranston police arrest 3 young men after a string of larcenies early Friday morning.

Shortly before 4:00 am, an officer pulled into the Chateau Royale Apartment Complex on Oaklawn Avenue as part of an increased patrol initiative after recent larcenies in the area. He spotted someone crouched in a wooded area next to the parking lot, who then took off. The officer set off on a foot chase of the suspect, who was eventually caught with the help of other officers.

18-year-old Kevin Wulff, of 30 Lawrence Street, was arrested after a violent struggle. The black gym bag he was carrying fell to the ground, smashing several bottles of liquor inside.

Police learned that Wulff and other suspects had planned to break into vehicles throughout neighborhoods in Meshanticut and West Hill plats.

Just minutes later, police got reports of suspicious activity around 71 Elmhurst Avenue, which is close by. There, an officer saw two male suspects in black hooded sweatshirts take off down Grape Street towards Preston Avenue. The officer arrested one juvenile 16-year-old suspect, while the other fled into the woods behind a house.

Officers searched that area and found and arrested 18-year-old Paul Hallam, Jr. of 59 Pershing Street, who was hiding in a swampy area. He also had a black bag with stolen items inside.

While continuing the search of the area, two officers found several vehicles that were broken into, and found many stolen items that had been thrown out by the suspects during the chases. Police tried to return those items to their owners. In total, 25-30 cars were broken into. Investigators found two laptops, two pairs of sunglasses, a pair of shoes, six GPS units, a car stereo, bottles of liquor, baseball hats, flashlights, and $350.00 cash – all estimated to total $5,000.

Police also arrested 18-year-old Jason Brissette, who had a knife.Suspects also admitted to vandalizing Cranston High School West's athletic complex including signs, light poles, buildings, and tennis courts.

The suspects are all facing multiple counts of conspiracy to commit larceny and receiving stolen goods. Wulff also faces charges of resisting arrest, assault on an officer and disorderly conduct; Brissette and Hallam face vandalism charges as well.

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