Cranston neighborhood braces for more flooding

By Abbey Niezgoda

For the folks on Fletcher Avenue, flooding is all too familiar. The chronic problem in the Cranston neighborhood has homeowners preparing for yet another pounding from Mother Nature.

“We put a sandbag wall up and just try to make sure the water doesn't get in,” homeowner Bryan Lowe said.
Luckily Lowe's sandbag wall, which blocks his basement entrance, is still up from the last storm. He says he will not be taking it down without taking a look at the forecast. 
“If it is over two inches or we see a warning for the Pawtuxet river flooding, it means this river near us is going to as well,” Lowe said.
It also means the street turns into a river. Dozens of cars stalled out on Fletcher Avenue during the last storm.
“The street becomes like a net, like a spider web” homeowner Mario Bueno said. “Cars go in and they cannot get out.”
The city is working on a more permanent fix, but with more rain on the way, homeowners say having to go through the preparation process over and over again is getting a bit draining.
“I think all of us are just used to it, but it is unfortunate because its not a good way to live,” Bueno said.