Mayor calls for the termination of police captain after ticketing scandal

By: Dee DeQuattro


Twitter: @deedequattro

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung is recommending the termination of Captain Stephen Antonucci for his role in a ticket scandal in the city back in November. Antonucci has currently been suspended  from the Cranston Police Department as part of the investigation. 

Antonucci, who is the president of the Cranston Police Union, is facing several administrative violations.

The announcement comes after State Police launched an investigation into an incident where two wards were targeted by police tickets overnight in alleged retaliation after the councilmen from those wards voted against a proposed police contract.

Councilmen Paul Archetto and Steven Stycos brought the issue to the attention of the Cranston City Council in December saying the day after they voted against the police contracts in November their wards were blanketed with 128 parking tickets.

In January, Fung asked State Police to conduct an investigation into the matter. Shortly after, Police Chief Marco Palumbo Jr. Was placed on administrative leave. He later retired.

Last month, Police Chief Marco Palumbo Jr. retired after being placed on an administrative leave as a result of the investigation. Mayor Fung said Palumbo was not suspected at anytime to be involved in the scandal.

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