Cranston Police Make Major Drug Bust

Cranston Police have made a significant drug bust after a routine traffic stop last Tuesday on Elmwood Avenue.

The investigation that followed the traffic stop resulted in police seizing 203 pounds of marijuana, 164 grams of cocaine, 34 Percocet tablets and some other drug-related items in total valued at about half a million dollars.

Police stopped a black Toyota for speeding and after running the plates determined that the driver, 28 year-old Jeffry Batres, had a lengthy record for drug trafficking.  Lieutenant Russell Henry asked to look inside the vehicle and found a backpack full of cash that smelled strongly of marijuana.  Henry let him go after Batres became very nervous when asked about where he was going.

Police then secured a search warrant for Batres's home and found the drugs and other items, and then got an arrest warrant for Batres.  He was found this morning in Seekonk in a Motel 6 and has been returned to Cranston to face the charges in court.

(UPDATED to correct spelling of suspect's name)