Cranston police release bodycam footage of Johnston homicide suspect shot, killed

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) — The Cranston Police Department released body-worn camera footage in the officer involved shooting of a Johnston man accused of killing his two neighbors in May.

The department released 15 videos showing officers driving to the scene where James Harrison, crashed his car into a boulder after leading police on a chase from Johnston to Cranston.

When officers arrive on scene, Harrison was in his car. Authorities demanded he come out with his hands up when he opens the driver’s side door with a gun in his hand.

Police officers then begin firing multiple rounds at Harrison from various positions at him and his car.

Harrison then falls to the ground and is cuffed while bleeding, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The events started May 24 after Harrison was believed to shot and killed his neighbor and his own mother, while also wounding his 15-year-old neighbor before fleeing from his home and eventually succumbing to his injuries once he encountered police following crashing his car on the Johnston Cranston line.

Johnston police reported that the night prior to the shootings, Harrison’s neighbor called police saying he was spying on his underage neighbor through her bedroom window.

Cranston police said the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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