Cranston residents brace for possible flooding

When a tropical storm is in the area, it's a reminder for residents of what could happen.

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) – Residents on Fletcher Avenue in Cranston are bracing for possible flooding as they usually do with any kind of rain event.

When a tropical storm is in the area, it’s a constant reminder for residents of what could happen.

Orange barrels were out on the road Friday afternoon in preparation for possible heavy rain overnight from Tropical Storm Fay.

“When it starts to flood we do see some – they come out with the barrels and you really can’t get through with the car,” said resident Luigi Dellaposta.

Residents here were say was an issue almost ten years ago, though some tell us Friday that it has somewhat improved.

“It’s getting better, it’s gotten better over the years,” said Dellaposta.

The main issue, neighbors say, is the Pocasset River nearby.

“The river overflows every time it rains,” said resident Tyrone Walker.

Some have seen cars stuck in the road here

“Many times people got stuck over there,” said resident Tony Singh. “All the time – cars, trucks, everything gets stuck over there.”

Walker says his car even flooded once in his driveway.

“And when it flooded, my engine was under water so when I started my car, it sucked it into
the engine, and my engine got seized up,” he said.

Others tell us they’ve learned routes around the area whenever it rains.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s become known as the spot to avoid when it starts to downpour,” said Dellaposta.

In the past Mayor Fung has said the city’s been working with federal officials to fix the issues on Fletcher Avenue for years.

ABC 6 was unable to reach him for comment Friday.

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