Cranston responds to unkept gravestones at Oakland Cemetery

City has issued owners a court order

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE)- A cemetery is suppose to be a place to mourn and pay respect for loved ones but illegal dumping of mattresses, TV’s and other debris have turned the solemn grounds at Oakland Cemetery to an eye sore for many.

ABC6 visited the site Monday and saw bottles, mattresses, furniture and other debris littering gravestones.

A problem that’s been going on for many years, but visitors said they’ve finally had enough.

Albert Jett’s mother, Marion, has been buried at the cemetery for many years.

“It’s just getting worse and worse,” Jett said. “Weeds keep growing and growing and trash keeps getting dumped and nothings being done.”

ABC6 took these concerns to Cranston City Hall.

Mayor Hopkins said the cemetery is privately owned by a trust.

“From my understanding they have a good amount of money set aside to maintain and take care of it, they just don’t do it,” Hopkins said

While the city may not be responsible they are taking action.

Mayor Hopkins helped bring these concerns to court.

“We sent our inspectors over there, cited the problem and then sent a court order to the board of directors of the trust and bring them into court to try to get this solved.”

No word on when that court date will take place.

Hopkins said he plans to have increased patrols at the cemetery so police can keep an eye on any illegal dumping.

“We’ll have some private patrols over there. If we catch them dumping they will pay a heavy fine.”

ABC6 left messages for the cemetery’s groundskeeper but we have yet to hear back.

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