Cranston supports resolution to prevent pallet housing for homeless

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) — Members of the Cranston Safety Services and Licensing Committee voted 4-3 Thursday in favor of a resolution, asking the state to revoke its proposal of 500 of pallet homes at the Pastore Complex.

The resolution now awaits a vote by the city council.

The proposal by the state continues its initiative to combat the homeless crisis.

This is a file image of pallet homes.

The resolution was spearheaded by Councilman Matthew Reilly, who believes it’s time other towns and cities in Rhode Island stepped up.

“We already do far more than any other city or town, with maybe the exception of Providence,” said Reilly. “But, for this to be continually something that is put on Cranston — when there are 38 other municipalities — it is just not fair.”

Police Chief Michael Winquist also spoke in favor of the resolution in committee before the vote.

“I’m not sure how secure these temporary housings are,” explained Winquist. “It was mentioned we have a high percentage of sex offenders at Harrington Hall, and families in close proximity. We do have to be concerned about that.”

However, councilors in the minority, like John Donegan, held firm that the city should still help in any way it can.

“I’m disappointed in some of the language that is used conflating sex offenders and drug addicts,” said Donegan. “As city leaders, I think we need to act with compassion, and I think by bypassing this resolution this evening, we failed to do so in this particular instance.”

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