UPDATE: Crews in Cranston plan on restoring water by 7:00

Nicole Brazier

UPDATE: Crews plan to have water restored by 7:00 p.m. tonight provide there are no further setbacks.

CRANSTON – A water main break on Mill St. in Cranston caused traffic delays as the water ran down a hill and flooded nearby Fletcher Avenue… where residents have grown used to extreme flooding during heavy rains.

“It’s bad, real bad, I’m supposed to move today, and I can’t even move today, I’m stuck here. This is bad! This always happens actually,” said Donald Lotz, who lives on Fletcher Ave.

The water also flooded the parking lot of a nearby salon on Mill St. where the building owner feared the business may be shut down until the problems are fixed.

 “I don’t even know if she has water, I have to go in there and see if she has any water, because this is crazy. Who’s going to sand all this??” said Ed Martino of the frozen parking lot.

Providence Water says about 1,000 customers are affected and could experience water shut offs, loss of pressure, and possible discoloration of water.

Using leak detection equipment, crews are currently working to pinpoint the exact location of the break and will then begin excavation. 

The main is 4-6 feet underground and crews are facing the additional challenge of frost, extreme cold and piled snow as they work to make the repair.

Police details are rerouting traffic as needed.

Customers are encouraged to check the Providence Water Web site – www. provwater.com or their twitter @provwater for updates.
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