Cranston’s Rat Man

By: Liz Tufts

Cranston's ongoing rat problem could be a thing of the past after the city launches a new trash system in the summer, but one Cranston man doesn't want to wait that long. He's now taking on the rats himself. He calls himself Cranston's rat man, he's so fed up with rodents invading the city, he's now trapping them himself. He set up several traps a few months ago in his backyard, he put out some poison and even bought a Rat Zapper online.

He wants to remain anonymous because he considers this an undercover job. He also takes to the streets at night, asking sure everyone's trash is secure. And now, he even has a blog, keeping his neighbors up to date. So far, he's trapped close to 30 rats.

You're probably wondering what he does with the rats. Some die from the traps, the ones that survive, he lets loose in the woods.

The city is launching a new trash system this summer. They're supplying  bigger trash cans with covers that attach, so the rats can't get any more food.