Suspects fleeing shooting in Attleboro crash into innocent bystander


Police and ambulances were on the scene in Attleboro Wednesday night for an accident.

ABC6 News Crews arrived on the scene to see multiple police units responding to the accident on the intersection of Thatcher Street and County Street.

Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney confirmed this accident was in connection to a shooting on James Street. “We believe it was not a random act of violence, since we’ve had other shootings on James Street and where the shell casings were located we believe it was a targeted house,” says Chief Heagney.

Multiple residents called to report a shooting on James Street at approximately 8:15pm and described the vehicle that fled the scene to police.

An unmarked detective spotted the vehicle and followed the suspects. The vehicle began to travel at a high rate of speed and crashed into a second vehicle at the intersection of Thatcher Street and County Street.

That operator of the vehicle was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. None of the three suspects required medical transport and were taken directly into custody. A firearm was recovered and both cars were towed from the scene.

No one was injured at the scene of the shooting and it remains under investigation.

“It’s our sixth shooting in approximately a month and a half, and as the Chief of Police it’s very disturbing. We’re not used to having this many shootings.”


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