Crazy for Zeppole on Saint Joseph’s Day

Nicole Gerber


PROVIDENCE – The line flowed out the door at the Scialo Brothers bakery on Federal Hill… and everyone was there for one thing: Zeppole!

The traditional Saint Joseph's Day pastries are a hit atbakeries all across Rhode Island. They're tradition for many Catholic–Italians who celebrate.

“It's kind of our version of Saint Patrick's Day, so it'skind of neat to have our own version of the doughnut. So we do our own holidayand our own pastry,” said Kevin Poirier, in line for his Zeppole.

It was all hands on deck at the bakery, with crews working round the clock since Tuesday night, baking thousands of Zeppole in full brick ovens, and keeping the memory of Saint Joseph alive, afterprayers to him during the great draught in southern Italy.

“When the rain came they promised that they would dosomething special for him and they held a huge feast and one of the items thatthey made at that feast was what we call today our Zeppole,” said bakery co-owner Lois Ellis.

“[They're made to resemble] Some kind of a tool that carpenters use,” said her sister, co-owner Carol Gaeta.

And if you're wondering how the bakers manage to keep upwith the crazy long lines all day… they say they've got it down to a science.

“We start out with a certain amount that we know we have tobake and then we gauge the line during the day and that's how we do it! Youjust can't do it any other way!” said Gaeta.

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