Crews prepare for lengthy, heavy snowfall

By: Alexandra Cowley

Workers will be loading up their trucks Thursday morning and hitting the road for what's expected to be the biggest snow fall this season and because of how cold it's expected to get, they may have to use more than just salt on the roads for this one.

This storm is nothing the DOT isn't used to, in fact they started prepping their trucks at the beginning of the week, knowing this storm was coming. It's bringing with it temperatures Southern New England hasn't seen in a while.

“It's going to be very cold out there, so that's going to be another part of this storm that's a little different than any other one,”said Joseph Baker of the Rhode Island DOT.

Baker says the DOT is prepared to use another material on the roads if the salt doesn't quite cut it.

“We have some different chlorides, magnesium chloride goes down as a liquid so we can control its application very well,” he explained.

He says they'll only use it if absolutely necessary because of its added cost and negative impacts on cars and the environment.

This is one of those storms where conditions will be bad for driving. Baker says they're most concerned about the Thursday evening commute.

“We're worried about everybody out on the roadways, so if you don't have to be out there it's one of those storms where it looks like try to avoid it,” he said.

The state has one hundred of its own vehicles and depending how much snow we get during the height of the storm, they may have to call in some of their outside vendors.

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