Crews rescue deer on iced-over river in Dartmouth

DARTMOUTH, R.I. (WLNE)- Firefighters made a lifesaving rescue on an-iced over Dartmouth river Wednesday.

The deer was rescued by crews after being stuck on an island in the Slocums River.

EMT Kenny Fluegel was part of the team of first responders who went all out to save the deer’s life.

“It was standing on the rocks in front of about 1,000 birds. It was just out there and looked like it couldn’t get in. Then it got up off the rocks, went into the water and started to make a swim for it, turned around, went back on the rocks and just laid down,” says Fluegel.

Dartmouth Fire District Chief Greg Edgcomb says it isn’t known how long the deer had been stuck out there or how it got there in the first place.

“It was cold, windy, the majority of the river was iced over. We had very challenging conditions in the Slocumbs river. Very shallow water at times and obviously ice in the winter time,” says Edgcomb.

The crew quickly got their boat and went into action.

“They took a rope and lassoed the deer. Took about 5 tries to get it and then they had to just drag her back to land,” continued Edgcomb.

Responders made quick work, removing the deer safely from the ice, and releasing her into the woods.

“It was beautiful. To see a fighter make it, it was neat. To stand up and run away after all that,” says Edgcomb.

“In general it’s a very rewarding job. That’s why we do it. To help people and animals, that’s what we do.”

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