Crime down at this year’s Country Fest

By: Robert Bumsted


The tailgaters at Gillette Stadium's Countryfest have developed a reputation for bad behavior over the years, but police in Foxboro say this year's concert event started on the mild side.

The two day convert brings some of the biggest names to country music into town, and tens of thousands go to tailgate beforehand and attend the concert.

Last year, Foxboro Police say more than 500 people were taken into custody over the two-day event. On Friday evening, police say just 59 people had been taken into protective custody, and 44 people had been arrested on criminal charges.

Around the parking lot, tailgaters said they noticed rowdiness was down, and a police presence was up.

“It's more fun now,” said Kelsey Struski at a tailgate party Friday afternoon. “It's a better more controlled environment, I'd say.”

Foxboro Police say one reason for the drop in crime may be because police are no longer allowing tailgaters to show up before two o'clock the afternoon before the concert.