Cumberland family’s “support the police” sign, stolen and vandalized

CUMBERLAND, R.I. (WLNE): A Cumberland family put a “Support the Police” sign outside their home on Diamond Hill Road. Two weeks later it was stolen– then returned.

Except now, it was spray-painted with “BLM F* Trump” written on one side.

“My father, both my grandfathers, are all retired police officers,” said Brittany Capone. “It was just saying, ‘Hey listen we support the good police, not necessarily the bad police but we support our town police.'”

The sign was placed near their mailbox and was brought back a few days after it was stolen.

“My husband went out to walk the dogs around 7 a.m. and it was just thrown in the yard,” Capone said. “Completely spray-painted over with “BLM F* Trump.”

Capone has two small children and believes people should be able to voice their opinions without fearing retaliation.

“I’m hoping everyone understands you have the right to freedom of speech, you have the right to opinionate who you believe and who you back,” Capone said. “And if it means a simple sign, in your backyard, you should be able to do that without fear that your vehicle will be messed with or your home messed with.”

Capone filed a police report to have it documented in case something else was to happen.

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