Cumberland girl requests Christmas cookie, carrots be tested for Santa’s DNA

CUMBERLAND, R.I. (WLNE) — A 10-year-old girl has sparked an investigation into a half-bitten Oreo cookie and two carrots from Christmas Eve night. Her question to police — “Is Santa real?”

Scarlett Doumato sent the carrots and Oreo in plastic bags to the police Cumberland Police Department, requesting in a letter that DNA tests be done to track down Santa and his reindeer.

With suspicions for years about Santa, she explained, “I’ve been waiting a long time, so I just kind of did it. I can actually know now!”

Cumberland Police Chief Matthew Benson received the evidence in an envelope. He has been investigating the case for nearly two weeks now and has found plenty of evidence.

“We have camera footage of what looks to be a reindeer in and around that area that night,” said Benson. “We also have a person of interest who will be coming in this week to talk with us. We are going to interview him this week to find out if he was really in the area and if he’s the guy.”

Benson said a request to test the DNA has been sent to the Rhode Island Department of Health. The department plans on working alongside Scarlett in the future.

He finished, “Everyone is just so impressed with her.”

Alyson Doumato, Scarlett’s mother, said she had no part in her daughter’s interest.

“I asked her what she was doing, and she said, ‘I’m picking up these cookies and sending them to the police for DNA’,” she said. “She likes to find the truth and get to the bottom of things, and nothing is going to get in her way.”

Cumberland police said they will provide updates into the investigation.
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