Cumberland haunted monastery

By Dana Griffin

CUMBERLAND, RI- Ghost hunters are trying to determine if an old monastery in Cumberland, which is now a public library, is haunted.

Stories of voices, spirits even unexplained door slams have people very curious to see what the ghost hunters found.

“I have found things here at the monastery; rocks on the seat of my car after my car was locked and I've walked,” said Marylou Boyer.

And the ghostly stories continue.

Library director, Celeste Dyer said, “One of our staff members said she heard someone calling her name. Whoever was calling her name was using her full name which is unusual cause none of us ever call her by her full name.”

Dyer won't tell us everything the ghost hunters investigated, but says they did record vibrations.

Throughout the Cumberland library remains parts of the monastery built in 1900. A fire in 1950 destroyed one of the main buildings.

Among the spooky places… the infirmary, a stair case with flaking plaster walls, and an outdoor grave.

About a ten–mile hike from the library brings you to Nine Men's Misery, considered one of the most haunted areas.

“The ghostly rumor is that if you come up here at night, sometimes you will hear moaning,” Said Dyer.

But very few believe in ghosts.

Batty Hamilton said, “I don't really think I do. I've yet to see one.”

Marylou Boyer claims it's haunted. She said, “Once I thought something was touching me and I turned quick and I thought I saw a shadow.”

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