Curt Schilling’s Wife Criticizes ABC News Coverage of 38 Studios

by Mark Curtis

     We are getting some exclusive comments from Curt Schilling's wife concerning 38-Studios. She lashed out at ABC-6 concerning how we've been covering the story.

     Curt Schilling's wife Shonda is taking issue with ABC 6 News coverage of the collapse of 38 Studios. After we posted hers and Curt's Facebook comments on Friday night, she emailed us saying quote: “Mark are serious (sic).  You all have used my last name as a headline for two months now.  Rambling someone just get the answer for me. I have kids and I am sick of waking up everyday wondering what the hell someone is going to write next.”

     Mark Curtis of ABC 6 News said, “On Saturday, we responded to Shonda Schilling's email. ABC-6 News emailed back an open invitation to the Schillings, to sit down and tell their side of the story, in an on-camera interview, either at their home, or in our Providence studios. .

     Mrs. Schilling also took issue with our use of University of Rhode Island  business Professor Ed Mazze, as an expert analyst on the 38 Studios case. She said quote: “So instead of asking me you asked Dr. Ed Mazze what the hell does he have to do with anything. He doesn't know me.  Ask him to analyze what the hell this is doing to our family.”

     In Point of fact, we consult with Professor Mazze because he has been the Dean of four prominent business schools and because he has spent many years as a Bankruptcy Court trustee. He has read the 38 Studios court filings extensively and is considered an expert on bankruptcy.

     Dr. Ed Mazze, URI Business Professor said,  “The bankruptcy trustee is going to be the one at the end of the day who will be responsible for collecting whatever money is out there and distributing it to the creditors.”

     So far the Schillings have not responded to our interview offer.