Curtis Cascione Cook Off Hot Dogs for Opening Day!

Steve's Hot Dogs Mexican Style


steam hot dogs in water and beer 2-3 minutes


use  nice torpedo soft rolls add to the dogs the Mexican sauce


sauce is 2 tbsp.crushed cooked bacon

2 tbsp. of medium hot salsa

1 tbsp. of Tabasco sauce

3 tbsp Mexican refried beans

2 tbsp of melted nacho cheese sauce



Mark's Opening Day Hot Dogs


I like to pan fry hot dogs in a 1 teaspoon of butter and a 1 teaspoon of live. Brown them nicely on both sides. Once the hot dogs are done, I like to brown the rolls in the same pa. You might need a bit more butter and oil, but not much! Steamed hot dogs are great, but I like the nice buttery crunch you get by frying the dogs and the rolls (or by grilling both).


Garnish with pickle relish, brown mustard, grilled onions, diced tomato, sport peppers, and a bit of celery salt or add ALL of the above!!!!


Play Ball!!!