Curtis – Cascione Cookoff Recipes February 8 – Filet of Beef for Valentine’s Day

Curtis Cascione Cookoff Filet Recipes February 2012


Steve Cascione's Filet of Beef:


1 tenderloin


rub olive oil on both sides and then brush Dijon mustard on
both sides coat with meat tenderizer that has black peppercorns in it on both
sides… add to bottom of the roasting pan 1/2 cup red wine 1/4 cup chopped
onions and 1 cup chopped Portabella mushrooms add the meat



 cook at 400 until meat thermometer reads 140 for
rare..remove from the pan and let sit 10 min on the counter covered with foil
and then cut and serve remove the mushrooms and onions put in a sauce pan add
1/8 cup Worcestershire sauce and 1 tbs. of butter heat and stir spoon over the



Mark Curtis's Blackened Cajun Filet:

1 (1-1/2-pound) portion beef tenderloin
Vegetable cooking spray
2 Tbsp. Cajun blackened seasoning

1) Spray all sides of beef with cooking spray; sprinkle with seasoning, and
spray again.

2) Heat a cast iron or ovenproof heavy skillet over medium high heat for 3-5
minutes; add beef, and cook 3-4 minutes on each side.

3) Bake at 400 deg. for 15 minutes or until a meat thermometer inserted into
the thickest portion of meat registers 145 deg (med-rare). Let stand 10

Enjoy!!! Happy Valentine's Day!