CURTIS: Gay Marriage Offers Fascinating Debate

By Mark Curtis, ABC6 Chief Political Reporter

I've always said politics is as much about math as it is about ideology. You may have the greatest argument on an issue or bill, but if you don't have the votes, it goes nowhere. I think that's where we are headed on gay marriage.

Right now the U.S. Supreme Court has four solid liberals; four reliable conservatives; and one moderate. Those who support same-sex marriage argue for equal rights. Those opposed to gay marriage cite “the will of the people” in California and dozens of other states who won referendums against gay marriage.

Now that a Federal Court has ruled, expect appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court. Right now, I see a 4 – 4 tie, with moderate Justice Anthony Kennedy, as the deciding vote. It's going to get interesting. Send us your opinions at Thanks for listening to my analysis!