Dangerous intersection the cause of accidents, ‘every week for more than a year’

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) — A busy intersection where Belair Street meets Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford is known by those in the area as a hotspot for car accidents.

While attempting to obtain surveillance footage of a recent accident in the area, a worker from a local business explained to ABC 6 News that they are so easy to find because she had been pulling up crash footage in their system, “every week for more than a year.”

Between the businesses, new Cumberland Farms, and schools surrounding the area, traffic continuously grows throughout the day.

“Cumberland’s added more congestion and it’s caused a lot of issues and people don’t understand the intersection at all.” Julie Kagan said to ABC 6 News.  “I would like to see a change, yes. Maybe a little configuration difference, but, I don’t see that happening.”

The victim of the most recent accident, Brad Clark, shared how the accident affected him and his family.

“We have concussions, some whiplash” Clark continued, “My daughter’s having a really tough time.”

Clark wants to do everything he can to make a change with this dangerous crossroads, “I don’t want to drive by here and see something happen and almost feel like that was on me and I should’ve stepped up and tried to do something about it. This is a time bomb.”


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