Dangerously hot temps this holiday weekend

By: Alexandra Cowley



This holiday weekend, people are seeking whatever comfort they can, trying to keep cool and safe.

“This kind of heat is dangerous,” Chief Michael Dillon of the Providence Fire Department says it's incredibly important for people to take precautions in this heat.

“Limit your outdoor activities, stay in air conditioning, or at least in the shade, and make sure that your drinking plenty of fluids,”he said.

But not everyone has the luxury of staying indoors to beat the heat. Paul Hawkins spends his day delivering beer, manual labor that gets harder in the summer.

“It's a tough job you know we got to go upstairs, downstairs, you know you saw the truck, its full we deliver thousands of cases a day,”said Hawkins.

Hawkins says he survives by drinking lots of water and taking breaks in the shade. If you have to work outside, Chief Dillon says to be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion or stroke, which could be fatal.

“You start feeling a little dizzy, a little weak, your sweating profusely, pale color,” explained Dillon.