Dartmouth police say “knockout game” report is false

By Alana Cerrone


Dartmouth Police have determined that reports of the “knockout game”
spurred by a Facebook post were false.

On Monday, Police got
information about a Facebook post detailing an incident of the “Knockout Game”
the previous Friday on State Road
in Dartmouth.
It also claimed misconduct regarding Dartmouth

In the “knockout game”, thrill-seekers attack unsuspecting victims for pure amusement.

After investigation,
Police Chief Timothy Lee concluded that there was in fact a disturbance and
assault at the location but no “knockout game” nor misconduct from Police.

parties involved alleged unprovoked assaults by the other party and will be
summonsed to court on cross complaints.

There were
no reports nor visible signs of injury.

investigation is still ongoing and additional charges may follow.