Dartmouth Police Sgt. suspended pending internal investigation

By: Alexandra Cowley


Dartmouth Police Sergeant Frank Condez has been at the center of an internal
investigation for months. He was suspended with pay on October 1st. Condez has been with the Dartmouth police department for 15 years.

Police Chief Timothy Lee wouldn't comment on the nature of the internal
investigation but we do know the FBI is involved.

Sources tell ABC 6 News it has something to do with misconduct
surrounding the department's computer system.

Aside from that internal investigation, Condez has another problem. He wasn't able to turn in his duty gun
when put on administrative leave, because he says someone stole it from his

Police Chief Timothy Lee says the missing gun is simply a coincidence surrounding the active internal investigation.

“We are very concerned, anytime a firearm is out in
the community that we can't account for. The fact that it's one of our own, is
even more concerning,”said Chief Lee.

Chief Lee says they are hoping to wrap up both
investigatons as soon as possible.

Sgt. Condez is also the president of the Dartmouth Police Union.

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