Death threat aimed at corrections officer forces ACI into lockdown

By: Alexandra Cowley

A written threat detailing a hit on a correctional officer at the ACI forces the prison into lockdown for hours. According to the Correctional Officers Union, the threat was made by a well known gang member. The union says, it's the most recent incident in a rash of violence inside the state's prison.

President of The Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers, Richard Ferruccio, says they've seen more than 150 cases of inmate violence inside the ACI between January and February.

“What were seeing in the last two months is a level of violence we haven't seen. I've been here almost 30 years and it's surpassing anything I've seen. It's active gang members, some of the problems that were having is a man made crowding problem,”said Ferruccio.

Most recently a written death threat was found naming a correctional officer. Saying an attack and killing would take place inside maximum security. The correctional officers union says it was written by an inmate with ties to a notorious gang.

“There was a hit basically put on him, his family, and actually correctional officers potentially on the street,” Ferruccio said.

A lockdown went into effect and every cell was searched by a 35 member tactical team looking for weapons capable of carrying out such an attack. Nothing was found. The ACI went into lockdown at noon and was back to normal status at 2:30 P.M.

In a statement the ACI said:

“There appears to be no immediate threat, however, the departments special investigations unit is looking into this matter.”

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