DECLINED: Thief Attempts to Buy, then Rob Cigarettes in Fall River

On July 18th 2010 at 5:11 p.m. Fall River Police Officers responded to the Crosson Oil Gas Station at 815 New Boston Road regarding a robbery. Officers Thomas Barboza, James Donovan and Kevin Lopes responded. Information called into the police was that the suspect was being detained.

The 18-year-old store clerk states that a male entered the store and wanted to purchase thirty packs of cigarettes. The clerk bagged the cigarettes while the suspect produced an ATM card for payment. When the clerk ran the card for authorization, payment was denied. While the clerk was speaking with the manager by phone asking for advice, the suspect went around the counter to the clerks work area and grabbed the bag. The clerk now in fear, grabbed the bag to keep possession of the product. The bag ripped and the cigarettes fell to the floor.

Two male customers in the store assisted the clerk in detaining the suspect until police arrived. A female customer also assisted by locking the establishment doors with a key provided by the clerk.

Police arrived and placed 44-year-old William T. Daughtry under arrest for the charge of Unarmed Robbery. He was held on $1000. cash bail until his arraignment.

-From the Fall River Police Department