Deer related-crashes increasing towards end of year

This is a sign warning drivers of deers. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — As holiday travel ramps up next week for Thanksgiving, November has been proven to be the month with the most deer-related car crashes.

In 2021, from October to December, Massachusetts had 1,656 car crashes from deer, the highest since 2002. Rhode Island was at 1,285.

“Bristol County, Massachusetts, is really where a lot of these are happening — Swansea, Rehoboth, in particular,” Diana Gugliotta, the director of Public Affairs for AAA Northeast, said.

The reason the time of year sees so many deer-related crashes is because of hunting and mating season.

“If the numbers are trending the way we think there are, there’s probably going to be an increase again. Last year when we broke down the data, it was equivalent to one crash every 80 minutes, and most of those, were right around sunset,” Gugliotta added.
Most of the crashes happen during dawn or dusk, the same time as rush hour, which makes it more dangerous.
If faced with a deer on the road, Gugliotta said the best thing to do, if the crash is unavoidable, is to hit the brakes and avoid exiting your lane, to prevent a bigger crash with other vehicles.
One thing AAA Northeast wanted to tell Rhode Islanders is that insurance claims for a deer crash is up about 18% this year, leaving the cost of repairs over $9,000.
“Typically, a minor collision with a deer is going to run about $6,000 dollar repair bill, but we’re seeing repairs costing upwards of 9,000 dollars now,” Gugliotta said.
In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, if you hit a deer, call 911, but it’s also a state law to call and report the deer-related crash to the Department of Environmental Management.
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