DEM announces new website for hunting, fishing, boating, and commercial fishing licenses and permits

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Credit to DEM/Michael Healey

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has announced that in February, a new website named Rhode Island Outdoors (RIO) will be used for all boating, hunting, and fishing permits and licenses across Rhode Island.

RIO has been developed by NIC RI, who have been designing Rhode Island websites for 20 years, and have been partnered with DEM since 2002. This website will have enhanced ease of use, and allow users to renew licenses, permits, and submit tags for hunting, trapping, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing. Eventually, NIC will add  recreational boating registration, commercial fishing licensing, ATV/snowmobile registration, and hunter safety program modules.

“Rhode Island Outdoors, or RIO, is a very big step forward to improving our customers’ user experience by providing all outdoor licensing and permitting options in a simple ‘one-stop shopping’ system,” said DEM Acting Director Terry Gray. “Modernizing Rhode Island’s government services is a priority of Governor McKee’s RI2030 plan and DEM has several major initiatives underway to improve services across the department. RIO will make license renewals speedier, more streamlined, and more hassle-free. It will allow hunters, anglers, and boaters to spend more time outside and on the water, which is where they want to be.”

“Among my first projects at NIC was working with the RIDEM to offer online freshwater fishing licenses back in 2004,” said NIC RI General Manager Tom Viall. “I am thrilled now to be part of the new RIO system. It is truly a testament to DEM’s commitment to embrace our newest technology to continually grow and improve the services they offer to customers.”

The website also allows users to automatically renew licenses, and the removal of duplicate accounts so no one is charged multiple times for an individual license, as well as the ability to purchase tools and equipment online from one of thirty-five different bait and gun stores in RI. One change is the option of using your social security number to login, it is not required, and users may use a traditional username and password, their customer ID number, or driver’s license number.

DEM has announced they will update their website with more information about RIO in the near future.


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