Depina trial continues, medical examiner testifies 10-year-old’s death is a homicide

By Alana Cerrone


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Prosecutors show jurors autopsy pictures of Aleida Depina, pointing out lacerations, bruises and abrasions on her wrists, back and back of her legs.

Dr. Christina Stanley classified those injuries as repetitive and inflicted, in other words – intentionally done, by someone else. 

The prosecutor holds up the jumprope seized from the Depina home, asking Dr. Stanley if she thinks it could’ve caused the injuries on Aleida’s body. 

“It could’ve caused those injuries,” she replied. 

As for the blunt force trauma that caused a perforation in Aleida’s intestine and ultimately her death, Dr. Stanley says it may have occurred between 24 and 72 hours before her death.

When asked her opinion on the manner of Aleida’s death, Dr. Stanley replied, “it’s a homicide.”

She says Aleida had peritonitis – a reaction caused when what’s inside the intestine spills out. A symptom, she says, is vomiting. 

Dr. Stanley testified she was never given information on any accident that could’ve lead to Aleida’s death.

In their cross-examination, the defense focused questions on Dr. Stanley’s previous testimony when she said she couldn’t make a correlation between internal and external injuries.

Tomorrow the prosecution is expected to call their last witness – a medical expert.

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