Despite opposition tolls begin on Sakonnet River Bridge

Dee DeQuattro

Despite spirited opposition over the past several months a new toll has been implemented on the Sakonnet River Bridge.

Starting August 19, the Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority has begun the implementation of a ten-cent toll for drivers crossing the bridge that goes from Tiverton to Portsmouth.

David Darlington, the chairman of the authority, says that the toll will be collected through the EZ Pass system.

The ten cent toll is a temporary solution recommended by the Rhode Island General Assembly at the beginning of July. The toll will remain at ten cents until April to give the authority and lawmakers an opportunity to research alternative methods to fun bridge maintenance and repair.

The toll was initially expected to be set at .75 for Rhode Island drivers with an EZ Pass and $3.75 for those who are from out of state with EZ Pass. Those without an EZ Pass would pay $5.25.

Over the weekend, a fire was intentionally set to the power lines that connect to the bridge tolling system. The fire was extinguished without any structural damage to the bridge.