Despite virtual learning, families say snow day is not a thing of the past

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — Some Rhode Island schools are doing distance learning today, but others are giving their students more flexibility to enjoy a good old fashioned snow day.

Families braved the cold winds at Daggett Field to go sledding down the hill.

It’s where Nicci Fisher grew up sledding, and she says she wants her young children to do the same today instead of virtual learning.

“They’re learning physics,” she said with a smile. “So I mean, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

Fisher says being able to continue childhood traditions like sledding on a snow day is important for everyone’s well-being.

“Really important, because we’ve stayed at home so much that to have these experiences and these normal traditions of normal childhood is huge,” she adi.

It’s also a break for the parents.

“Trying to keep a 7-year-old at a laptop all day is insanity, so I think we all needed this,” Fisher said. “It affects our relationship too, because I’m constantly like, ‘Sit down, pay attention, sit down pay attention.’ This is great. Now we can just stop and enjoy.”

Parents are concerned about the isolating experience of the pandemic, with everyone spending so much time indoors and on devices.

“These kids have had so much taken from this year, give them their snow day,” said Jillian Lefebvre of Pawtucket. “The fresh air, being out, being imaginative, building snowmen, igloos, snow angels.”

“We used to do sports, and we haven’t done it,” said Donna Brown of Pawtucket. “We haven’t done baseball, we haven’t done soccer. They weren’t doing it. So to be able to get out and do something instead of being in front of the computer? I’ll take that any day.”

And parents say after this year, they could use a little fun too.

“Brings back memories, you know what I mean?” Brown said. “I love sledding too. That’s why I’m going. Kid at heart.”

Parents say they hope there are more snow days to get through this long winter ahead even if it means having to add days at the end of the school year.

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