Different strain of the flu circulating this season

By Gilannie Pangburn


Twitter: @gilanniej05

Thursday evening the Department of health issued a press release alerting resident of an influenza strain that is different from the flu strain that is common this season.

This latest strain called “H3” causes severe illness and has a great impact on the elderly.

According to the department of health this year's flu vaccine protects against both strains of the flu.

There are still plenty of flu vaccinations throughout Rhode Island, Director of health Dr. Michael Fine states that “getting vaccinated not only protects you, but also protects those around you, including Senior citizens who are now most vulnerable”.

In Rhode Island there have been 2-flu related deaths and nearly 300-flu related hospitalizations this season. Those numbers may increase now that H3 is circulating.

Contact your primary care physician for more information or you can also contact the Health information line at 401-222-5960.