RI Doctors warning parents about a rise in “swimmer’s ear” cases in children for 2020

PROVIDENCE, RI (WLNE) – Doctors in the Ocean State are reporting that they’re seeing more cases than usual of “swimmer’s ear” in kids this summer including more severe cases in hospitals.

The reasoning doctors are giving for the rise in swimmer’s ear cases is based on the belief that more kids are at home due to COVID-19, and thus spending more time in the pool.

“With kids being at home more in the summer time, and not being able to be at summer camp, they’re spending more time in the pool,” Hasbro Children’s Hospital Dr. Jan Groblewski. “As opposed to when they were in camp, maybe they spent 30 minutes in the pool, now they’re spending 6 hours in the pool all day long at home, and that definitely will increase your chance of getting swimmer’s ear infection.”

Groblewski says while the number of cases of swimmer’s ear have gone up over the past few months, cases of the more common middle ear infection have actually decreased.

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