Documents: Gallison threatened FBI agent tailing him

By Kirsten Glavin    


Ray Gallison’s attorney made one final push a few days before the former Rhode Island House Finance Chairman’s sentencing, hoping to portray him as a charitable man.

 In court documents obtained by ABC6 News Thursday, Gallison’s attorney stated, "Mr. Gallison is not an evil person. As the letters of support from many individuals attest, he has done much to help others in a way that evil people simply cannot – and do not – do."

The documents also alleged that Gallison cooperated with the government in it’s investigation from the moment law enforcement agents first confronted him.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office, however, that claim is inaccurate. The prosecution’s side alleged that in 2015, Gallison knew he was being watched by an FBI Agent and arrogantly confronted him.  He reportedly threatened the agent and said he didn’t know who the f*** he was dealing with.

The documents also said that over the course of 4 years, Gallison looted his dead friend’s estate of nearly $700k, deprived numerous non-profits and charities of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and was accepting tax payer funded salary for a job he essentially did nothing for.

The reportedly filed false tax documents to cover up the fact that he was using money intended to help low-income students go to college, for himself.

He also made up a false list of board members for the organization.

Gallison allegedly admitted to using is dead friend’s credit card.

He will face a judge Friday afternoon.  The prosecution hopes he will be sentenced to 5 years in prison, while the defense is hoping for 2 years with no fine and three years supervised release.