Dog Donated to Cranston Woman After Tragic Death


 By Matt Blanchette

 twitter @mattblanchette

The Cranston woman whose dog was killed two weeks ago by a neighbor welcomed home a new puppy thanks to the work of local police and a pet store

Meet Holly, Dolores Antonelli’s new silky terrier. After hearing of the tragedy Detective Paula Duffy contacted the perfect puppy in East Providence, which donated the 18–week old vaccinated and chipped dog, who hasn’t left Dolores’ side since she arrived monday.
(Dolores Antonelli)

“You know you wonder sometimes. They say people are mean and they don’t care. It’s not true,” Antonelli said. “You’d be surprised how many people will want to do things for you when they hear about something like that.

“I love her already.”

Antonelli says her grandson named the dog Holly because it’s her Christmas gift.

She says she’s also received some donations to buy a special leash that works better with her arthritis.