Dog saves Pawtucket family from burning home

A Pawtucket family says it's a miracle they escaped a late night house fire, and it's all thanks to their dog.

The Case family says their dog, Twinkie, smelled smoke and got them out of their home before the fire spread. The 30 or so pound mini Husky is much like her name dictates, sweet. And it's obvious she loves her owners, who she saved from their burning home Friday night.

Two year old Twinkie takes a break on her family's lawn Saturday. After all, she had a long night saving her mom and dad from a fire in their Newell Ave home in Pawtucket.

Mary Case knew something was wrong around eleven thirty Friday night. Typically calm Twinkie was acting a little bit weird. All of a sudden she got up and she backed up, like she was scared, and so I went to see what was bothering her and that's when I saw the smoke coming from underneath the wood stove,” said Mary Case.

It was a chimney fire. Mary and Twinkie quickly got everyone out of the house. Her niece and her niece's boyfriend, two cats, a bird, hamsters and her husband Richard all made it out alive.

“It's a miracle nobody got hurt,” said Richard Case, “Oh God that dog's something else.”

Richard jokes Twinkie should be wearing Superman's cape instead of her usual pink apparel, but when we asked Twinkie about what happened last night, she didn't really want to be bothered.

But all joke's aside, the family knows their miniature Husky they adopted two years ago is special.

“She saved all our lives,” said Mary, “I adopted her and she gave me back the gift.”

As they looked at the damage left behind, the Case's couldn't help but think this Easter weekend, Twinkie didn't do it alone.

“Somebody's looking out for us,” said Richard, “The heavens up there looking out for us because it could have been worse.”

Twinkie might get her Superman cape after all. The family said they're taking her to Petco as a gift for being such a good dog.