Dog sentenced to be euthanized attacks again

By: Melissa Toupin

Just days after a dog was sentenced by the Mansfield selectman to be euthanized for attacking a small boy the animal has attacked again. This time the victim is believed to be one of the dogs owners.

Police say Saturday night the dog, Milo, bit a 16-year-old girl. She had to be taken to Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Dawn Herbert-Miller's son was brutally attacked by the same dog back in January. Christian, 6, was at the dogs owner house being babysat by their daughter. The two families live next door to one another. Christian's face was so badly mauled it required 400 stitches.

“I can imagine what they're going through,” said Herbert-Miller. “My heart just goes out to them because it just didn't have to happen.”

Last week the Mansfield mother fought, and won, to have Milo put down. The dog was allowed to stay with his owners, the Baileys', during the 10 day appeals process.

“We made a tough call on Wednesday and obviously this reinforces the decision we made,” said Selectman Olivier Kozlowski.

Milo is now in the custody of Mansfield Animal control.