UPDATE: Dogs have new home after owner dies in fire

By: Alexandra Cowley


UPDATE: Two dogs who were left without their owner after he was killed in a house fire, now have a new home. Holden and Devlin's owner, Christopher Turley, died when his Attleboro home caught fire on Labor Day.

Both dogs will now be going to live with a Brown University Professor who lives in Connecticut. The adoption comes with a year's worth of free medical care at Harbor Animal Hospital in Barrington.


Investigators still don't know what caused a fire in Attleboro Monday morning that killed a man. His two dogs, however. were able to escape and are now without a home.

34-year-old Christopher Turley's dogs were his life. Now that he's gone, all the dogs have left is each other.

Look into their eyes, and you can almost see the sadness of 2-year-old Devlin and 6-year-old Holden. Overnight Monday, a fire broke out at their owner's house trapping Christopher Turley inside.

Carolyn Eaton was the responding animal control officer.  

“It was really hard Monday morning when I found out Mr. Turley had passed away,” explained Eaton.

 Eaton says when she arrived on scene neighbors had the dogs on leashes holding them back. Apparently, they had tried numerous times to go back into the burning home to save their owner.

 “It's very sad when you think about Devlin trying to keep going back into the house to rescue the owner,” said Eaton.

While the cause of the fire is unknown, fire inspectors are trying to figure out why the dogs were able to make it, but not Mr. Turley. They believe he may have passed out.   

Erin Parker is a close friend of the family. “He took them everywhere just anywhere you can think of to the sanctuary, reservoir, just anywhere you can think of,” said Parker.

Parker would love to take in both dogs, but since she already has two of her own, it would be too much.

Animal Control is hoping someone is willing to adopt both, so they can stay together.

“I just want them to have a happy of life as they had with the owner , and hope that someone can appreciate them as much as he appreciated them, and love them as much as he loved them, that's all,” said Eaton.

Right now, Devlin and Holden are being held at The Attleboro Animal Control Shelter. If you're interested in adopting them you can contact the shelter at (508) 761-5617.