Doherty: Congressman Cicilline’s Apology is Long Overdue

Republican congressional candidate Brendan Doherty says Congressman David Cicilline's statement during the 2010 campaign was made for political gain, and he says his apology now, is being made for the same thing. 

Doherty told ABC 6 on Wednesday, “In my view, he made the apology by advice perhaps given by his consultants, because they realized the fact that his original comments did not sit well with the public.”

After 8 years as mayor of Providence, Cicilline said, while on the campaign trail, that he left the capital city in “excellent financial condition.” 

His statement has proven false. Providence faces a 22-million dollar budget deficit and is teetering on bankruptcy. Recently, it's credit rating was downgraded to just above “junk bond status.”

Representative Cicilline said in an interview with ABC 6 Wednesday, “I've thought a lot about this and you know the City of Providence is facing some serious financial challenges and I apologize for anything that I did to contribute to that.” 

Cicilline says he underestimated the recession and was overly optimistic on certain things panning out in the budget, that didn't. 

“I should have never described the city as being in excellent condition, I should not have used that word,” Cicilline said. 

Doherty says the timing of his apology, is expected. 

“He's in another political campaign right now with me and he felt as though he should apologize, but in my view, and the view of the 1st district, and the State of Rhode Island, it's long overdue,” said Doherty. 

Congressman Cicilline may be hoping an apology will improve his ratings in the polls, the latest showing his numbers in the teens.