‘Don’t go alone’: Warwick pair warn of man they say followed them while walking on Pilgrim track

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) – Two friends in Warwick are warning the community after they said they went on a walk on the track at Pilgrim High School Tuesday night when a strange man started following them.

Megan Parkhouse and Matthew Hall said they frequent the track after work to get some exercise, and on Tuesday night they were walking for over an hour when around 9:30 they noticed they weren’t alone.

“We were walking and I happened to hear a sound and we saw a guy cutting through the field and then he started to follow us,” said Parkhouse.

The two continued walking but said they started to get scared as the track at night is pitch black.

“Once we started to walk a little further, I was a little nervous because, if he had a knife or gun or something,” added Hall.

The two made their way to their car and checked behind them. That’s when Hall said he noticed the man had followed them to the gate.

“He leaned up against the fence and was watching us get into the car, and I was a little uncomfortable about that.”

They called Warwick Police and Parkhouse posted about the incident on Facebook. She said some people had commented saying the man was likely a homeless man who had been seen sleeping in a wooded area behind the track. But Parkhouse said the man came from the neighborhood and not the woods.

“He was just kind of sketchy. He didn’t appear to be homeless,” Parkhouse said.

She now wants to warn her neighbors to be careful when walking there.

“There’s a lot of people that walk that track, I live four streets over from Pilgrim, so it’s kind of scary. Don’t go alone, always bring somebody.”

Warwick Police Maj. Michael Gilbert told ABC6 that officers did conduct a check of the area that night, but “were not able to locate the subject who had been reported as possibly acting suspiciously in the area of the track.”

Maj. Gilbert said the department had previously received a report of a male subject, possibly homeless, sleeping in that area, but said they have not been able to locate that man and it’s unclear if it’s the same person reported in this incident.

“Officers will continue conducting routine checks of this area for the foreseeable future,” Maj. Gilbert said, “and we also spoke to the Pilgrim track coach who was there yesterday advising him to contact us if he observes any suspicious subjects while using the track. At this time, it does not appear to be anything the public would need to be concerned with but we will monitor.”

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