Doors Will Close on Our Lady of Fatima School in Warren

There were tears and hugs in Warren on Friday night after parents and students found out their attempts to keep Our Lady of Fatima School open had failed.

The students and parents of Fatima have said from the beginning that the school felt like a family, so it wasn't surprising that Friday's news, hurt many as bad as losing a loved one.

“It's almost like a funeral.” said Fatima parent Grant Meehen. “You don't, you have to just go with it and you just deal with it day to day.”

Meehen's daughter Alex Wall also took the news pretty hard.

“It was hard. It felt like someone had just died. It was hard to think that we're not going to graduate from here.” said Wall.

The news was tough because many students and parents thought the school might be saved.

“We thought our plan could work, but time was our enemy, I think, in the end, so we're devastated.” said Meehen.

There had been a glimmer of hope that extreme fundraising and new
recruits could save the school, but after a meeting with parents and the
Sisters of Dorothy, who run and fund the school, it became obvious that
the financial gap was just too big.    

Beth Melfi was one of the parents at the forefront of the effort to save the school.

“All of us came to the realization that we didn't have enough time to impact this plan.” said Melfi.

They thought they only needed $250,000-dollars and 30-new students to make it another year, but it turned out, that they needed a lot more than that.

“The numbers were substantially higher closer to 1-million dollars and couple that with the fact we'd need 70-new students.” said Melfi.

The students though are trying to take the bad news in stride, knowing that although the building may close, the spirit of Fatima, will live on.

“Fatima will not die, nor will it ever die, the spirit and pride of Fatima, will live on.” said Fatima freshman Erika Lincoln.

The actual decision about closing the school came on Thursday night when a small group of parents met with the Sisters of Saint Dorothy.

Our Lady of Fatima School will shut its doors for good, this June.