Dozens of new Ebola cases reported in Liberia

By: Rebecca Turco


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PROVIDENCE – Dozens of new Ebola cases are being reported in Liberia, at a time when health conditions in the country seemed to be getting better.

In Rhode Island, the concern about the concern about the virus is still high because the state has the largest Liberian population in the country.

“We need to continue to work and work harder in making sure that our people back home are not dying from the disease,” explained Winston Gould, president of the Liberian Community Association of Rhode Island.

49 new cases were reported near the Sierra Leone border between December 1 and 25.

Dr. Michael Fine has said local Liberians are working with the State Department of Health. They have been reaching out to their families, teaching them ways to stay safe.

“Our family members who are here at least try to help the family members back home,” said Liberian native Tye Booker Raglend.

He explained that the outbreak has effectively shut down much of Liberia, including schools. “I’m a student of law and also a businessman. Because of Ebola, my business has come to a close,” he said.

Nearly 3,400 people have died from Ebola in Liberia in the past year.

Rhode Island Liberians are hoping to raise money to help send two ambulances to their homeland.

“Education is there but I think it needs to be spread out in the rural area,” Gould said.

Gould wants to have a temporary holding facility for West Africans traveling to Rhode Island. Right now, those travelers must phone the State Health Department daily for 21 days so any symptoms can be monitored.

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