Dozens protest senator Bell’s vaccine bill

GREENVILLE , R.I. (WLNE)– Dozens of protestors lined the streets of Greenville off Putnam’s Pike, protesting the bill proposed by Senator Sam Bell.
Senator Bell’s would charge unvaccinated tax payers in Rhode Island $50 a month, and could potentially double their income tax.
“It’s probably one of the most unconstitutional bills I’ve ever heard of,” said protest organizer Nicholas Morrell. “This is dictatorship. This is just completely uncalled for and unacceptable.”
Protestors told ABC 6 that they had to take a stand publicly, and let their community know what’s happening on Smith Hill.
“Everybody stand up and say no,” said protestor, James Sullivan. “If we allow one person’s rights to be stomped on, all of our rights will be stomped on.”
Senator Bell explained earlier this week that a recent poll showed 64% of Rhode Islanders would support a state-wide vaccine mandate.
One protester asked, “Does this man not understand the constitution? That he doesn’t have the right to do that to us? That I do have some autonomy?”
The group said after hours of protest, they received mixed responses from the community.
Morrell concluded, “You guys here the beeps. We get a couple middle fingers here and there, which is ok, that’s their right, and that’s what we’re all about here. We’re about our rights. We’re about our freedom.”
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