Driver charged in Taunton crash that killed two teens

Andrea Medeiros

The driver in a deadly crash that killed two teens in Taunton is now charged with homicide.

Friends and loved ones laid down teddy bears, flowers, and
even Wendy's chicken nuggets, Monday. Those trinkets are all to remember the teens who died in a drunk
driving crash.

Memories from their lives cut short now lay on the tree
that killed two teens.
Their friend and driver now charged with killing them.

“It hurts so much to lose my son,” cried mom Carla Neto, “And please don't
go in anybody's car that is drinking.” Neto was seeing the roadside memorial for her 18 year old
son for the first time.
Despite her
grief, she wanted to leave a lasting memory of her son, Jason.

“He was just an amazing person from the minute he was
born. He was a wonderful kid,” said mom Neto.

 Jason Neto and his friend Eden Macedo were both killed when the
car they were in with four others careened across Bay Street in Taunton and hit a tree.

“It's a combination of all bad things that added up to
one tragedy,” said Police Lt. Paul Roderick, “You have six young people that go out for a night. They make
some poor decisions and ultimately this is the result.”

 Police said the car was speeding early Sunday morning, no one
was wearing a seatbelt, they were sitting on each others' laps, and an open container of
alcohol was found in the car.
The teens were driving home to Taunton after trying to get
into a Rhode Island club.

“My last words to him was I love you baby, just be safe
and he goes I love you too mommy,” said Neto.

She saw her son for the last time at a family party Friday night, just 24 hours before she got the call he was gone.
He died on her birthday.

The driver of the car, Nick Costa, was in a coma Monday
facing two counts of homicide, driving with a suspended license, and having an
open container of alcohol in his car. Those charges could increase based on his blood alcohol
As for his three other passengers, they're expected to be